Tardies and Early Outs

    • The warning bell to line up is at 8:28am.
    • Instruction begins at the 2nd bell at 8:30am.
    • Any students arriving after 8:30am will be marked Tardy.
    • Three Tardies (or early outs) equals an absence.

    It is essential to your child’s success that they arrive to school early or on time. It is disruptive to your child, the teacher, and the rest of the class when a child arrives late. We use every available minute for instruction and late students miss valuable information. Arriving late also prevents students from comfortably settling into the routine of the school day, and it can negatively impact behavior and learning for the rest of the day. Please be considerate of the other students and the teacher, and help your own child get a good start to the day, by being in the line-up area by 8:28 a.m.

    Students arriving after 8:30 a.m. must come to the office, sign the tardy book, and receive a tardy slip to be admitted to class. 

    When students have appointments and need to leave early, parents may come to the office to pickup and sign their child out. The office will call students down to the office once the parent arrives; students should not wait in the office to be picked up, and similarly, parents will not be permitted to go to the classroom.