Malibu Middle School PTSA

  • Malibu MS PTSA logoThe "Malibu High School PTSA" supports both Malibu High School and Malibu Middle School.  It is a unit of the California State PTA and National PTA organizations and shares the common mission to positively impact the lives of all children and families.

    An executive board is elected each year to guide the operations of the PTSA and represent parents' interests in the school and the district - and we encourage all parents, teachers, students to join the PTSA by purchasing a $10 PTSA membership. By joining PTSA, you support the efforts of PTSA and gain a voice and a vote on where PTSA invests funds and time.

    There are just six association meetings per year, generally occurring on the fourth Thursday of the month in the MHS Parents Center.  These meetings are open to all parents, teachers and students - though voting privileges are limited to PTSA members.

    The PTSA provides financial and parent support for supplemental classroom supplies, field trips, college and career services, SAT/ACT test prep, science and technology programs, bi-lingual support, Mindfulness Support, CPR certification, the library, the copy center, the website, the directory, emergency supplies, parent education, family and multicultural events, staff appreciation, student counseling programs, student honors and graduation ceremonies, senior scholarships and legislative support.

    Visit & bookmark to purchase a PTSA membership and to update your contact info in the parent directory.  This site serves as the parent directory and PTSA Website.

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