New Student Enrollment Information


    Click here for 2024-25 birthdate enrollment guidelines.



    The Edison Dual Language program represents a unique curriculum option in SMMUSD. Edison is a school of choice in SMMUSD - it is not a neighborhood or home school for anyone. Parents or guardians of students desiring to apply to the dual language program must attend a school orientation to ensure they understand the dual-immersion program and can make an informed choice. Parents also must submit an application within the application window. Applications submitted after the due date lose any priority they might otherwise have been entitled to and are only considered on a space-available basis.

    Since Edison Bridges TK and Edison K-5 programs are Dual-Language programs, each entering cohort of students must be composed of enough Spanish and English speakers to provide adequate peer language models in both languages. When possible, we find that enrolling slightly more Spanish-dominant children than English-dominant children benefits both groups. Edison provides language screening for applicants whose parents indicate that they are Spanish speakers to ensure that children are placed in the appropriate language pool for enrollment decisions.

    In addition to striving to provide an appropriate language balance, Edison’s enrollment decisions are guided by a series of enrollment priorities consistent with SMMUSD’s enrollment and permit policies. All applicants must have a birthdate appropriate for enrollment in the grade level they are applying for. The California Education Code determines dates for Transitional Kindergarten and Kindergarten. Birthdates are not flexible.

    In making enrollment decisions, Edison also considers whether placement in a dual language program seems appropriate for an individual student.  Dual Language programs are wonderful, but they are not the right choice for every child.   Please provide complete answers to the questions on the application.  If your child has an Individualized Education Plan (IEP), please share a copy with us so we can ensure that all services to which your child is entitled can be provided at this school.  SMMUSD offers a variety of special education programs, but not all are provided at all facilities.  Admission to Special Education programs with an inter-district attendance permit depends on room availability in the appropriate program.  Edison offers qualifying students specialized academic instruction (SAI), speech and language programs, and OT, PT, and social skills services.  Please get in touch with the case manager at your child’s school to discuss at an IEP meeting whether your child’s needs can be met in a dual language program.



    All the Edison programs generally receive more applications than can be accommodated each year. When that happens, within each language group, students are admitted according to the following priorities, in this order:

    1. EDISON SIBLINGS AND CHILDREN: Younger siblings of current dual-language program students and children of SMMUSD employees working in the dual-language program;

    2. EDISON TK STUDENTS: Students enrolled in the Edison Transitional Kindergarten Programs receive a priority for Kindergarten admission;

    3. EDISON NEIGHBORHOOD: While Edison is NOT a neighborhood school, the next priority is students residing within the immediate Edison neighborhood. Please click for map to see the neighborhood assigned to Edison for this priority list only;

    4. SMMUSD NEIGHBORHOODS, SMMUSD EMPLOYEES, and CITY EMPLOYEES: Students from other neighborhoods within SMMUSD, employees of SMMUSD, employees of the City of Santa Monica and the City of Malibu. All students' final enrollment is contingent upon procuring the appropriate intra-district permit. For children who are SMMUSD residents, Edison then becomes their home school for the duration of their enrollment in SMMUSD. That means students will join the John Adams Middle School Pathway.

    5. OUT OF DISTRICT: When space is available in either language group and if there are not enough applications from students in the above categories, Edison also admits students living in neighboring school districts. Consideration among out-of-district applicants is given to children of parents who participated in the immersion program themselves as children, children whose parents are graduates of one of SMMUSD’s high schools, and children with parents who work within the boundaries of SMMUSD (see Board policy on preferences for out-of-district permits). Final enrollment for out-of-district students is contingent upon procuring the appropriate inter-district permit, as specified by the district permit policy and the particular education policy regarding permits. Inter-district permits are granted for the general education program in the TK and K-5 programs and are renewable annually. These permits are for participating in a dual language program and are not transferable to other elementary schools within SMMUSD.

    If more students apply to Edison Language Academy than the school can admit in any category, a waiting list is created for that category by language. Students are assigned numbers on the waiting list by lottery, and any remaining openings are filled out from the appropriate waiting list.


    NEW STUDENTS 1st - 5th

    Beyond Kindergarten, Edison has much more limited opportunities for the enrollment of new students. The number of students accepted at any given grade level is contingent upon the enrollment profile of the entire school. Parents interested in enrollment at a grade beyond Kindergarten should attend one of the orientations and submit an application within the application window. Enrollment beyond Kindergarten occurs on a space-available basis, and each application is evaluated individually.  If spaces are available, the teaching staff screens students entering beyond Kindergarten at that grade level to assess language skills. Enrollment beyond 1st grade requires that students be proficient Spanish speakers and demonstrate adequate literacy skills in Spanish.  Since we often do not know how many spaces will be available in grades 1-5 until later, admission decisions beyond Kindergarten are usually not made until May of each year.



    Check back for orientation dates for the upcoming school year.



    If your child is offered a spot, you will be given an enrollment packet and must make an appointment with Melina Garcia ( to turn in your packet and documentation.  Registering your child for the first time can be relatively easy if you are prepared. The following are a few guidelines to help you:

    1. ADDRESS: You will need to verify your address. Click here for examples of proof of residency. Other documents, such as a driver's license or business mail, may be requested to confirm your address.
    2. BIRTHDATE: You must verify your child's birthdate with a birth certificate or passport.
    3. IMMUNIZATIONS: You must bring complete immunization records for all students and a doctor's verification of a physical examination for Kindergarten and First Graders. Up-to-date immunizations must be completed before your child may enter the classroom. Click here to see immunization requirements.
    4. REPORT CARD (1st-5th only): For enrollment beyond Kindergarten, you must provide a recent report card with exit grades/progress report card (for mid-year enrollment).
    5. ENROLLMENT PACKET: The school will provide you with a packet of forms and information, which you must complete and return.