CSL for High School Students

  • Service Learning for High School Students

    In high school, students are asked to complete 20 SL hours each year for a total of 80 hours for all four years of high school. The SL coordinator is here to support students in finding meaningful opportunities outside of school as well as helping student clubs and high school teachers create great SL events on campus. The purpose of the yearly SL requirement is to prepare students for college and to prepare them for life as a global citizen.


    All Freshman students will earn SL hours in their Freshman Seminar Class and Sophomores will earn hours in their English Class. In 9th grade, students are required to write a research paper on a current social issue or cause that is of interest to them. This paper will be submitted for a grade, as well as count for hours, towards their Sevice Learning requirement. Students will receive 10 hours of Service Learning upon completion and passing grade for this project.

    Sophomores will earn SL hours in their English class for completing the 10th Grade Activism Project. Sophomores will use their Freshman Seminar research paper, as guidance, to then create an action plan and complete community service related to that issue. Sophomores will also be required to present their action plans to the current Freshman Seminar classes. Completion and passing grade for this project also counts toward 10 hours of Service Learning.


    An important part of service learning is reflecting upon and learning from your experience. For this reason, high school students will be required to submit a written or artistic reflection in May in their English classes. This assignment will be collected and graded by high school faculty.


    Students who exceed the 80 hour expectation, with 160 hours or more, will be recognized as Sevice Learning Honor Students at Graduation. This is a fine addition to a college or work resume now and for future use.