Counselor Corner

  • The counseling program at MHS is committed to treating each student as an individual. Like the classroom, the program is guided by professional standards. Two high school counselors and a college and career counselor staff the MHS counseling department.

    The purpose of the MHS counseling program is to impart specific skills and learning opportunities. It focuses on academic, career and personal/social development. Counselors assist students in identifying individual growth areas and provide support and guidance along the way. We see this as a collaborative effort- involving students, parents, teachers and other caring adults. Early in the fall semester, we dedicate our efforts primarily to class scheduling, new student orientations, and classroom visitations. The last-named element addresses important testing, graduation and college entrance requirements.

    Counselors meet with students about grades, attendance issues, academic success and social matters throughout the academic year. These conferences are used to help students come up with a plan of action, with an emphasis on the five “Habits for Success.” Counselors also participate in all IEP meetings, 504 meetings, and sit on the SST (Student Success Team) committee. These are all important opportunities for counselors to advocate for their students’ needs.

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