High School English Classes

  • English 9P
    English 9 introduces students to the expectations and standards for reading and writing at the high school level. Students read works of Shakespeare, Hemingway, Steinbeck, and Golding, among others. Selections from short stories and from Greek and Roman mythology are also taught. Persuasive and analytical writing, personal narrative, and speech are all important elements of the course. Increasing reading fluency and comprehension, grammar skills building, and vocabulary development are also stressed.

    Honors English 9 HP
    DESCRIPTION: Honors English 9 is a course designed for extensive reading and writing in all genres as a preparatory class for 10th grade Honors English and 11th grade Advanced Placement English.
    PREREQUISITE: Recommended grade of A or B in English 8.

    Freshman Seminar
    Freshman Seminar is an interdisciplinary, yearlong course that blends the health curriculum with exposure to social and ethical issues while giving students writing instruction. For example, as part of the health curriculum, students will study mental health, disorders, and disease: they will learn about brain function, mental disorders, and cultivating mental health. However, students will also discuss the social aspects of mental disorders, such as insanity plea and the social responsibility of caring for our mentally ill citizens. Students will first learn about the mental health and disorders, and then research, discuss and articulate opinions about an ethical concern dealing with this subject. While engaging in this process students will be assigned writing tasks that help them improve their writing skills. Second semester focuses on the steps of writing a research paper. Freshman Seminar is a health class that fulfills the CA State health requirements for graduation.

    English 10 P
    English 10 is a challenging course in which many of the core texts explore the theme of coming of age or connect to the history curriculum. Students are required to read at least four novels plus one Shakespearean play. Course emphasis is on writing across the domains, with a continued focus on analytical and persuasive writing.

    Honors English 10 HP
    Honors Placement English 10 is a demanding course in world literature. Students read plays, poetry, and modern thematically based novels focusing on war and its impact, the Holocaust, and criticisms of technology and the modern world. Students are expected to become increasingly sophisticated in analytical writing, including the ability to make thematic connections among the works. PREREQUISITE: Recommended grade of A or B in English 9.

    English 11 P
    English 11 is a survey course of American Literature. Students read selections from the historical foundation to the modern period, write analytical and persuasive essays, and develop listening and speaking skills.

    English 11 AP
    Composition is a rigorous course focusing on rhetorical analysis, persuasive writing, and academic research. It is a comprehensive course taught at a college level; demands and expectations are high. In addition to preparing students for the national Advanced Placement exam in May, the course also includes a survey of major works in American Literature.
    PREREQUISITE: Recommended grade of A or B in English 10.

    English 12 P
    The literature in this course will vary, but will be based on the themes from American Literature, Shakespeare and other world literature. Students will read four to six novels, as well as short stories and poetry. Students will write in a variety of analytical and creative styles.

    English 12 AP
    The AP English Literature and Composition course is designed to engage students in the careful reading and critical analysis of world literature. Through the close reading of selected texts, students can deepen their understanding of the ways writers use language to provide both meaning and pleasure for their readers. As they read, students should consider a work’s structure, style, and themes, as well as such smaller-scale elements as the use of figurative language, imagery, symbolism, and tone. The course prepares students for the national Advanced Placement exam in May.
    PREREQUISITE: Recommended grade of A or B in English 11.

    Journalism I
    DESCRIPTION: By taking this course, students are joining the staff of Malibu High School's student newspaper. In addition to learning the principles of journalism, students will be required to contribute to the newspaper through writing articles, selling advertising, assisting with layout, and fundraising.
    PREREQUISITE: Recommended grade of A or B in previous year’s English class.

    Journalism II P
    This course will allow students to continue their practice of journalism. Skills will be further developed as students assume greater responsibilities on the staff of the student newspaper. Many students will be selected to increase their involvement in the newspaper's publication through becoming section editors or copy editors. These jobs will require time and dedication from the students that will go beyond the class period.
    PREREQUISITE: Journalism I.

    Creative Writing P
    This yearlong course assumes that all students are artists and creative writers. First semester deals with writing activities that include, but are not limited to, journal entries, poetry, fiction, fairy tales, and children's stories, as well as focusing on developing each writer's individual style and strengths. Writers will read and edit in a workshop atmosphere, with the final consisting of a class portfolio or project. Second semester deals with publishing our work from first semester as well as the new works of art completed during the spring.

    Advanced Creative Writing
    Advanced Creative Writing is the second year of the creative writing program. The goals of the class are to build off of the concepts learned in the first year and to further define and sharpen your voice, style, and proficiency at various forms, from story development to poetic expression. The class studies a variety of different philosophies on writing, and explores the nature of creativity as it applies to students’ writing. PREREQUISITE: Grade of C or better in Creative Writing

    Film Studies
    This elective course will introduce students to the history of film and chart the progress and development of cinema, focusing on American cinema. The class will cover techniques and devices used by filmmakers to communicate meaning. The course will consist of some reading, film viewing, lecture, analysis and paper writing all designed to increase understanding and appreciation of film as an art form.

    Senior Seminar
    Senior Seminar is designed as a hand-on practical course to help prepare seniors for life after high school. This includes providing step-by-step support with the college application process, while also exploring topics such as gap year options and career interests. The course will also include education geared towards high school seniors on drug and alcohol use, sex education, and mental health. Finally, the class will include practical instruction in the skills and knowledge for adult life which will cover financial literacy (taxes, credit, checking accounts, savings, and budgeting), job search and interview skills, basic automobile care, cooking, and laundry. PREREQUISITE: Must be a senior.

    Empowered Voices
    The students in this course will learn how to respond to crisis and how to build resiliency. Students will learn how to develop and strengthen their self-confidence by learning strategies such as positive self-talk, goal setting, and fostering positive relationships. Students will learn about Social Justice by exploring policy, education, housing and homelessness, and the environment. They will also learn about the role of local government and how to be an actively, engaged citizen.  Students will explore all of these areas by reading articles, watching videos, and completing online activities and surveys.  Students will also develop critical thinking, collaboration, creativity, and communication. Skills are taught through four design thinking projects.  Students will submit prototypes of solutions to design challenges (1 per module) as well as written reflections and/or visual representations of weekly learning.
    PREREQUISITE: None. Open to grades 9, 10, 11, & 12.