Service Learning FAQs

  • What is the Graduation Requirement?
    Students at Malibu High are asked to complete 80 of service before graduating to participate in the graduation commencement ceremony. Juniors & Senior students must complete 50 hours of service to purchase a prom tickets.

    20 of these hours are completed as part of the curriculum of the Freshman Seminar Research Project and the Sophomore Advocacy Project. The other 60 are completed outside of the classroom.

    How do I know if I have enough hours?
    It is the responsibility of the student to log, monitor and complete service learning hours. Hours are recorded on the students Naviance account.

    What kind of service counts towards the hours?
    Service Learning that is for a worthy cause. Volunteering at a food bank, participating at a clean the parks day, or fundraising for Relay for Life are a few examples. Keep in mind that your time and all money collected must go to the benefit of the charity or cause.

    Having a non-paid internship does NOT count towards Service Learning hours unless it is part of the Boys & Girls Career Launch Program. Leaders in Training and Junior Staff at the Boys & Girls Club are approved programs for Service Hours.

    Volunteering at any of the Malibu City programs counts towards your service hours including: Senior Center programs, CERT training, Teen programs and Tiny Tots. City Volunteers must be on file with the city as a volunteer.

    Where can I find ideas for activities?
    Visit the Service Learning Calendar on the Malibu High Website. There are events and activities posted on the Service Learning Board outside of the main office, in the morning announcements, on the school’s daily bulletin, in the Monday Message, on the MHS Yahoo Groups and as part of a MHS Service Club.

    Can I participate in a community project that is not directly involved with a Non-profit organization?
    Yes, but please check with the service learning office to make sure it will count towards your service requirement.

    Do I need to get a paper signed to verify my service?
    No. Students need to fill out the Naviance form complete with the supervisor, phone number & email along with the other information requested. We check on many of the service activities logged in and are always looking for more activities to get other students involved.

    Is there a preapproved list of activities?
    Yes. Your student can see a list of preapproved organizations, causes, and activities on the CSL Recommended Organizations page. Your student can also request approval for something that is not listed. The school Service Learning Coordinator will review the request and respond with approval or a question for clarification.

    Who approves hours?
    The Service Learning Oversight Committee which includes: Teachers, Staff, Parents and Students. We make every effort to respond back as soon as possible.

    Who can I email with questions?
    You are welcome to send email about Service Learning or for technical support accessing Naviance to

    Other Frequently Asked Questions from Parents & Students:

    Q: Can I volunteer for a candidate’s campaign for the upcoming election?

    Answer: While we recognize the merit in participating in the democratic practice of elections, we will not approve volunteer for a candidate’s campaign or solicitation of votes for a candidate. YOU CAN VOLUNTEER AT A POLLING PLACE THE DAY OF THE ELECTION.

    Q: Do hours qualify that are performed through a service club?

    Answer: Yes, these hours do count. Remember, your service hours must be part of a service project not for attending meetings.

    Q: Can I volunteer or complete Service Learning hours on campus?

    Answer: It depends on the service. If you are participating in serving others on a volunteer basis, these activities may count. Examples would include MHS Baseball’s collection of equipment for underprivileged youth counts, volunteering to keep score at a baseball game does not. Working for a teacher in their classroom DOES NOT COUNT but participating in an on-campus service event does.

    Q: I have community service hour requirements as part of an activity or club, can those hours count for my graduation requirements as well?

    Answer: As long as the service follows the process and guidelines, these hours can count. Remember, Service Learning means that you are volunteering your time to serve a cause or group that is a nonprofit entity.

    Q: I did well all of my hours during my freshman year; do I have to do any more?

    Answer: No. While the graduation requirement states a minimum 80 of service must be completed in order to participate in graduation. We hope you are encouraged to do more. There are service awards for completing 100 hours by your Junior year and you can Graduate with Service Learning Honors by completing 160 hours. Most of our students use their service activities as part of their applications for college, brag sheets and resume.

    Q: I have performed hundreds of hours of Service Learning over the past few years; can they count?

    Answer: As long as they were completed after you promoted from 8th grade. Only hours after promotion are counted towards your high school requirement. (Not Middle School Hours)

    Q: What if I transferred here from another school?

    Answer: The hours we would ask you to complete would be figured on 10 hours a semester for the number of semesters you are enrolled at MHS. (Twice that amount for Service Learning Honors)

    - Q: Do I have to do Service Learning hours if I am an independent study student?

    Answer: Yes, have to complete the same number of service learning hours as students enrolled in classroom instruction.

    - Q: I performed hours outside of the United States as part of a church group or other organization. Can these hours count?

    Answer: Yes. During the summer, MHS students have performed Service Learning activities in many different countries, including building houses and schools, volunteering in hospitals, and coordinating sports programs for underprivileged youth.

    The hours for international or overnight activities are calculated at 10 hours per day, subtracting for travel days. (Example: If you are on a mission for 7 days, you would get 50 hours of service learning. This is calculated by subtracting 2 days for travel and 5 days at 10 hours a day.)

    - Q: I have community service hour requirements as part of an activity, club or scouts; can those hours count for my graduation requirements as well?

    - Answer: As long as the service follows the process and guidelines, these hours can count. Remember, Service Learning means that you are giving your time to serve a cause or group that is a nonprofit entity that serves underprivileged or needy. If you have any questions about your specific project, please contact Ms. Soloway at

    Q: My family hosted a foster child during the summer and I helped out a lot with the program, can I use these for my service hours?

    Answer: No, hosting a foster child while is an amazing experience, it is a commitment by the adults in the household. This applies to hosting a child for a medical care and international exchange students.

    Q: Do service hours I complete with my Church, Synagogue or Faith group count?

    Answer: You can use service activities that you did with your church, synagogue or youth group that occurred during a service project outside of a worship program. Volunteering to help your church conduct service such as being an attendant, alter-server, speaker or run the audio-visual during service, DOES NOT count.

    Service activities outside of worship do though, like mission projects, building schools or homes, feeding the homeless, being a non-paid camp counselor, or being an educational tutor for the disadvantaged can count towards your graduation requirement for service learning.