• Malibu High School Reaches New Heights with the Topping Out Ceremony Celebration

    Posted by Esmeralda Careaga on 3/14/2024 3:15:00 PM

    Join the tradition! The Santa Monica-FlyerMalibu Unified School District cordially invites Malibu students, staff, elected officials and parents to participate in a significant milestone in the construction of the new award-winning Malibu High School (MHS). The District is proud to announce a steel topping out ceremony set to occur at Malibu High School on Thursday, March 21, 2024, at 3:45 p.m. Your presence is invaluable as we commemorate this momentous occasion together

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  • Malibu Phase 1 New High School Project

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 10/20/2021 7:00:00 AM

    The Design Team is nearing 50% Construction Documents Phase, which is the last phase of design.  We anticipate submitting the plans and specifications to the Division of State Architect by the end of December 2021. 

    District staff and the design team have held over 50+ meetings to date with staff, students, parents, and community members throughout the design process to obtain input. 

    Malibu Phase I rendering

    Entitlements Process

    The Entitlements Process has continued concurrently with Design.  The Draft Environmental Impact Report (EIR) was recently completed and was made public on October 15, 2021.   

    The District will host an in-person community meeting to present the Proposed Project and the Draft EIR. The purpose of the meeting is to discuss the findings of the Draft EIR and to provide an opportunity for the public to comment on environmental issues. 

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  • Kiln Enclosure Project

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 10/9/2021 3:00:00 PM

    The demolition of Building G displaced the Ceramics Program.  As a result, the Ceramics classroom was relocated to Building I, Room 401 and a new kiln enclosure is being built to house three new electric kilns and a pugmill.  The new kiln enclosure is being built behind Building I.  The contractors have completed concrete placement for structural footings.  Underground infrastructure work for new electrical and plumbing point of connections is underway.

    Malibu Kiln project underconstructionPhoto shows concrete placement in progress for new kiln enclosure footings.

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  • Building G Abatement and Demolition Project

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 10/6/2021 7:00:00 AM

    Abatement and demolition of Building G is 100% complete.  Traces of PCBs were identified in the soil following demolition of the building.  Export of the hazardous soil was completed on September 17, 2021.  The remaining soil was tested and cleared.  Rough grading of the Building G footprint started on September 24, 2021 and has been completed.  Underground utilities are currently underway in preparation for the future Modular Village Project which will involve the relocation of four portable classrooms and one portable restroom from the former Juan Cabrillo Elementary School campus to the former Building G footprint.  The relocation of portables will occur summer 2022.

    Abatement of Building G and Malibu High School

    View of the former Building G footprint looking southeast.  Underground infrastructure going in.

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  • Preparing for Return to School Fall 2021

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 8/16/2021 7:00:00 AM

    The Santa Monica-Malibu Unifed School District (SMMUSD) continued to move forward this summer on the extensive modernization and construction projects at Malibu Middle School (MMS) and Malibu High School (MHS). The project includes the demolition of Building G (formerly housed the Woodshop, Ceramics, and Special Education), the preparation of the site for the future modular village, and the construction of an outdoor ceramics/arts area. Below is a brief update on the various projects completed or underway:

    Malibu New Building
    New Library, Classroom and Admin Building
    The New AB Bldg. was completed in December 2020. Staff and students have taken full occupancy of the building. A ribbon cutting ceremony was held in May. All sitework has been completed, including the new Middle School Parking Lot D and all landscaping. Minor corrective work is underway with no impact to the site or instruction.

    Middle School Classroom Building
    All corrective work has been 100% completed. The Project has been closed out with the Division of State Architect.

    Special Ed/Workshop Building Abatement and Demolition Project
    The interior abatement of the building commenced in May. This was the last building to be abated of PCBs at MMS. The Building G structure has since been completely demolished and removal of the foundations is complete. The perimeter of the construction zone has been secured with construction fencing. A detailed logistics plan to ensure safe path of travel for the return of staff and students has been developed and reviewed with site administration.

    Utility Make Ready Package/Modular Village Project
    The former site of the Sp. Ed./Workshop building is being prepared for four modular classrooms. Utilities (power, low voltage, fire alarm) will be run below the former footprint and the completed late fall. The relocation of the modular buildings is scheduled for Summer 2022 as part of the Phase 1 new high school project. These classrooms will be used as interim housing while the new high school building is under construction.

    Outdoor kiln enclosure rendering for Malibu High School
    Outdoor Kiln Enclosure Project
    With the demolition of Ceramics lab, a new space has been designed for the Ceramics/Arts equipment. The enclosure will house three electric kilns and a pugmill. The space will also be equipped with a sink and a student prep area. The project will be completed fall 2021. The perimeter of the construction zone has been secured with construction fencing and construction can occur with no impact to instruction. A temporary structure housing the kilns and pugmill will be available when students return to school.

    Malibu Rendering New High School Building
    Malibu Campus Plan Phase 1 New High School Project
    The new high school building design is almost completed. The campus will be constructed on the Juan Cabrillo Elementary footprint which will be demolished in 2022. The new building is a progressive educational building that will house the high school functions. It is designed to make the most of the location and fot into the Malibu landscape. This allows a separation between the middle school and the high school. It is the first of the four phases to be constructed as part of the campus plan. We are also preparing a zoning specific plan and an environmental impact report. The new building is projected to be completed for fall 2024.

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  • Malibu High School and Middle School Phase 1 and Other Projects

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 4/22/2021 8:00:00 AM

    New Building (Building AB)

    The New Building is nearing completion as the building interior, exterior and site work is approximately 93% complete. 

    A few of the significant and recent accomplishments include completing:

    • The landscaping on the streetside of the building
    • The installation of the upper deck skylight installation over exterior walkways  

    Concrete form work with rebar between buildings AB and E

    Concrete formwork with rebar waiting for concrete pour 4/12/21 between Buildings AB and E. 


    Malibu Middle/High School Campus Plan: Phase 1 New High School Project

    Beginning April 1, 2020,  the District worked with NAC Architecture in collaboration with KEA Architects, school teachers and staff, students, and the local community to obtain input regarding the New High School Project.

    The Design Development Phase kicked off on March 15th, 2021.  

    Schematic Design Phase is complete, and approximately 30 meetings have occurred with various key stakeholders to date. 

    Phase 1 New High School Malibu

    Rendering: A natural material palette of concrete, weathered metals, glass, and natural timbers will give durability while maintaining a warm and informal feel. 


    Building E

    Work on the building interior, exterior and site work is 97% complete for Building E. Other accomplishments include:

    • Salto electronic door access has been installed in all classrooms 
    • The last steps to finalize Building E include completing concrete placement of new walkways, stairs, and & ADA ramp leading to and from Parking Lot D

    ADA switchback ramp work in progress on Building E Malibu High School

    ADA switchback ramp work in progress.


    Building D Demolition  
    Former Building D footprint is 95%.

    Recent Accomplishments include:

    • Synthetic Turf installation at the MS courtyard
    • New handrails leading from Building H to Building AB have been completed

    Current projects include:  

    • Fire Lane installation moving towards Morning View with concrete placement along with walkway path of travel  
    • Landscaping & irrigation of areas adjacent to fire lane and planters at MS courtyard

    Installation of synthetic turf at MS courtyard has been complete

    Installation of Synthetic Turf at MS courtyard has been completed. 


    Morning View Drive Road Improvement

    Recent accomplishments include:

    • SoCal Gas completed the gas valve relocation work adjacent to the Church property
    • Completed remaining curb & gutter section once SoCal Gas completed its efforts
    • Completed street asphalt overlay and permanent striping

    Morning View Drive new pavement and permanent striping at Malibu High School


    Morning View Drive new pavement and permanent striping ready for students to return to school. 


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  • January Malibu Update

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 1/25/2021

    The New Building (administration, library, classrooms and labs) is really taking shape.  Work is continuing with:

    • Solar Panel Installation
    • Automated locking System installation
    • Continued touch-up painting on interior & exterior areas
    • Elevators acceptance by the State Elevator Inspector
    • Sun shade installation
    • Concrete walkways placement around building

    The District had occupied Building A on December 8,2020 with administration, staff and teachers that are currently resolving issues relate to FF&E and with the Building Systems (punch list).

    View of Malibu High School Building A Street View

    Building D (Demolition)

    Artificial turf installation along with concrete retaining walls, concrete steps are being placed and concrete walkway placement on east side of Building D footprint has been completed.


    Building E

    Punchlist items are 96% complete as of now.  Final projects include soil excavation and formwork for new concrete walkways and an ADA ramp on the Parking lot.

    Construction at Malibu High School

    Walkway construction at Malibu High School

    Morning View Drive Roadwork

    Improvement Work continues on Morning View Drive Roadwork Improvement. Placement of concrete driveways, curbs and gutter at Church site location across from the MHS campus has been completed.


    Morning Side View Construction work at Malibu High School

    Campus Security Camera Installation

    The installation of new security camera placement around MHS & Juan Cabrillo Campus has been completed.




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  • New Building is a Modern Education Environment

    Posted by Kelcey Davis on 1/15/2021

    The new Administration, Library and Classroom Building is on track to be ready for occupancy during the 2021 spring semester. As you’ll see in some of these photos, it is beginning to look like the modern educational environment we planned. The Facility District Advisory Committee was recently given a tour.


    New Science classroom in the new building at Malibu High School

    Above is one of the new science classrooms in the new building on campus.

    Furniture in Malibu High School new building Library
    The library is coming along. It offers natural light, thoughtful and flexible furniture, conference rooms, and an excellent resource for the students. The furniture in the library is conducive to collaboration and can be reconfigured for different-size groups.

    Conference room at Malibu High School New Building


    The building's solar panels can be seen from below. These solar panels are a welcome addition to the new building and will help us achieve our district sustainability goals. 

    Solar panels at MHS new building

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  • Staff Moves Into New Classroom, Library and Admin Building

    Posted by Chris Clonts on 1/8/2021 4:00:00 PM

    The new Administration, Library and Classroom Building is fully furnished and complete. Staff has moved in and is working out of the new building, which will welcome students as soon as pandemic conditions make it safe. Take a look at these great interior spaces!

    New classroom with reconfigurable furniture

    Community and parent conference room adjacent to lobby

    College and career center

    A cafe and collaboration area for students

    A classroom with reconfigurable furniture

    Meanwhile, architects are designing Phase 1 of the Board-approved campus plan, which will eventually bring a new high school building, a performing arts center to be shared by middle and high schools, improved traffic flow on Morning View Drive and more.

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  • MMHS Construction Update: New Building on Track for Spring Opening

    Posted by Chris Clonts on 9/4/2020 6:00:00 AM

    The new Administration, Library and Classroom Building will not be ready to open for the fall of 2020. The District encountered delays related to approval of the roofing system, street work and availability of certain materials. They are now on track to be complete during the fall of 2020 and ready for building occupancy during the 2021 spring semester.

     Architects are designing Phase 1 of the Board-approved campus plan, which will eventually bring a new high school building, a performing arts center to be shared by middle and high schools, improved traffic flow on Morning View Drive and more.

    The floor-to-ceiling glass on the new building gives a view of the Pacific Ocean.

    The improved Morning View Drive face of the new building.

    Built-in furniture is being installed in the classrooms.

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