Campus Facility Planning

  • A rendering of what an outdoor study space could look like at Grant Elementary

    SMMUSD Requests Community Input about Potential Historic Resources on District Campuses

    As directed by Board Policy 7133, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District will hold a series of online community meetings on June 21 and June 22nd to develop the Historic Resource Inventories for its elementary and middle schools. This is an opportunity for the community to provide input to the District’s Historic Resources Consultants to help determine whether a building or property would qualify as a historic resource. The consultants will review the process and methodology.

    At this meeting, our consultants will ask for the community’s input and comments on the buildings, artwork and other features of the campus that might be a historical resource. This is your opportunity to guide the investigation. The District’s Historic Resources Consultants will review the process and methodology that goes into determining whether a building or property would qualify as a historic resource.

    Later this year, the recommendations from the Historic Resources Consultants will be made public for review and another round of community meetings will be scheduled to receive feedback on the Historical Resource Inventory reports. Following revisions, the Board of Education will receive and adopt the reports.

    The meetings are part of the district’s campus assessment process as it continues to align its instructional programs and environments to the way students learn and the jobs of the 21st century and to make those environments adaptable for future changes in coming decades.

    The online presentations will be as follows:
    June 21, 2021          Architectural Resources Group
    6:00 PM           Grant Elementary School
    7:00 PM           Franklin Elementary School
    8:00 PM           Lincoln Middle School

    June 22, 2021         Historic Resources Group
    5:00 PM           Rogers Elementary School
    6:00 PM           McKinley Elementary School
    7:00 PM           Roosevelt Elementary School
    8:00 PM           John Adams Middle School

    About Campus Assessments

    We are in Phase 5 (detailed below) of our Campus Assessment process that is looking at potential improvements to elementary and middle schools in Santa Monica. The process aligns the instructional programs and school facilities to support student learning and prepare students for further education and future jobs. Meetings to include the community in ideation and planning were held in spring and fall of 2020

    What is a campus assessment? It is the a major step in planning changes to campuses and classrooms to align them with the district’s educational specifications, which were finalized in 2019. The district hired architects to assess nine Santa Monica elementary and middle school campuses. The assessments include taking deep look into how our campuses currently operate, looking at how they match the ed specs; imagining a future campus that brings the site up to the goals of the ed specs and determining first projects to be allocated funds from Measure SMS.

    The assessments are also guided by the district's sustainability plan.

    Here's how the assessment and planning cycle works:

    Phase 1: Architectural consultants were hired and began visiting campuses and documenting information such as current classroom space and how it aligns with future-projected needs.

    Phase 2: Based on what they found in Phase 1, architects created possible projects for each campus, ranging from new classroom buildings to outdoor learning gardens to on-site learning kitchens. These were presented to educators, staff and community members for feedback.

    Phase 3: Based on feedback and new information found during Phase 2, architects worked with district staff to refine their plans to include phasing, or a suggested order of projects (for instance, removing portables, relocating parking and then erecting a new classroom building). They also estimated costs for each possible project.

    Phase 4: In the fall of 2020, district staff and architects held more meetings with staff and educators and then once again with the community. 

    Phase 5: After ensuring alignment with educators and community input, district staff is working with the Santa Monica Facility District Advisory Committee to make project recommendations to the Board of Education, which would allocate Measure SMS funding and approve projects to move forward.

    Design would likely begin in January 2021 with construction scheduled to begin in 2022 and 2023 depending on the complexity, movement of the project through the Division of State Architects and ability to schedule the project.

    Planning and Design Final Reports

    Fall 2020 Presentations

    Taking recent community input into account regarding preserving and increasing open recreational space on campus, architectural teams have provided these options to the long-range campus plans. These options also depict how first projects can be achieved without restricting future decisions.

    Franklin Elementary School l Franklin Optional Masterplan Refinement 2021
    Roosevelt Elementary School l Roosevelt Optional Masterplan Refinement 2021

    Spring 2020 Presentations

    For Questions About Campus Assessments

    For Lincoln, Grant, Rogers, McKinley and Edison: email Michael Burke.

    For JAMS, John Muir/SMASH, Franklin and Roosevelt: email Barbara Chiavelli.