MHS Clubs 2022-23 (2nd Semester)

  • There are a great number and variety of activities and clubs for both the middle and high school students at MHS. The school offers over 30 different clubs that range from the serious and dedicated (Medicine for Humanity, Amnesty International) to the fun and  creative (Positive Poets). These clubs are an important reminder that teen life goes beyond academics, arts and sports and that all students are welcome to be a part of something at MHS. More than 20 different faculty serve as club advisors.

    The Operation Smile Club at MHS is one of the largest and most active chapters in the country. Each year, a select group of teachers and students go on Operation Smile missions to third world countries and then share their experiences with the entire school.

    Name of Club President  Co-President  President & Co- President Emails Advisor Full Name Meeting Day(s) Meeting Location
    Children's Hospital LA Kane Rocca Harlow Rocca

    Valerie Azarian Wednesday Library
    Environmental Club UCHIYAMA, NANAMI Aidan Colburn

    Sarah Ryan Wednesday Library
    Home for Hounds Julien Lescure Sasha Mendez

    Eric Carrier Wednesday Carrier room
    BSU Semira Bell Marsaille Wells

    Rachel Stowell Inelle Taylor Wednesday Stowell room
    Sew it seams Alex Murphy Camille garvin

    Jennifer Gonzalez Monday Gonzalez room
    Interfaith Club Amar Taha Lauren Lapajne

    Nahla Seikali Wednesday Corrigan room
    Helping Minds Marsaille Victoria Wells No one else   Sarah Ryan Monday Choir room
    Beach Appreciation Club Coco Lupo Sofia Berglund

    Sean Ryan Monday Ryan room
    Emily Shane Foundation Emily Pablo Saavedra Aiza Romero

    Carla Bowman-Smith Tuesday Room 402