Frequently Asked Questions

  • What happens the first day of school?
    As early as 7:30am on the first day of classes, rosters will be posted in the Science Quad, in the Main Quad, and by Barnum Hall. These rosters list students alphabetically by last name, indicating the students’ first-period classes. Students need to proceed to their assigned first period classes. (There are no AM classes on the first day.)
    First period teachers will have official schedules for students enrolled in their first period classes. Teachers will distribute schedules to students. Students who are NOT on the alpha roster need to report to the Student Cafeteria.
    Students with "holes" (periods without assigned classes) in their schedules should report to the Student Cafeteria during the period in which they have the hole. The advisors will attempt to fill holes during that period.
    Students desiring schedule changes will need to watch for announcements of dates when they can make appointments to make schedule changes.


    How do students get a Student Identification Card?
    Student ID cards are issued during registration with a Binder Reminder. Students are required to have their current Samohi Student ID card in their possession at all times. Replacement ID cards can be purchased in the Activities Office on Tuesday and Thursday, before school, lunch or afterschool.

    Is there a Lost & Found on campus?
    Articles found at school should be turned in to the Textbook Office in the basement of the Administration Building.

    Can Freshmen Students go off campus for Lunch?
    No. You can go off campus beginning in your Sophomore year with parental permission.

    What do I do if I'm absent from school?
    You must have a note from a parent or guardian to get back into class the next day. If you don't, your absence is considered a cut, and you will get Saturday School detention. You can read more about this under "School Policies."

    What do I do if I need to leave school early?
    You must have a note from a parent or guardian containing the following information: Student name, ID number, date and time student is leaving school; reason for leaving early and a telephone number for verification of note. Students are to leave the note in the Attendance Office between 7:30 am and 8:15 am. The note will be verified and the pass will be ready at the time of the student’s departure.

    Can I wear a hat on campus?
    Hats may be worn outdoors only.

    Where do I get P.E. Clothes?
    P.E. clothes and other Samohi gear is available at the Vikes' Inn (the student store) next to the cafeteria. PE clothes for 9th Graders may be purchased during registration.

    How many sports can I play, and how do I try out for teams?
    You can play up to three sports, but you cannot play more than one sport per season. Tryouts for Fall and Winter sports are usually in late June and July. Spring sports tryouts are in November. Watch the Calendar and Bulletin for information.

    How much homework will I have each night?
    On average, you should have between one to three hours of homework each night depending on your course load.

    How are honors classes different from regular classes?
    Honors classes are much more challenging and go at a much faster pace than regular classes. Students have much more homework and responsibility in honors classes, and they require a large commitment.

    How do I get a locker and where are they?
    You can sign up for a locker at Registration in August. When school starts, you can sign up in the Activities office. Lockers are located in different buildings around campus.

    What is the High School Exit Exam?
    This is an exam that every California high school student must pass in order to graduate. You will begin taking it in 10th grade. You can keep taking it until you pass both the English and Math components.

    Where do I go if I need help?
    You should never hesitate to ask any adult on campus for help, especially your teachers. Your advisor is also a great resource for you as well as your house principal and their support staff.

    What do I do if I need extra help in a class?
    Always talk to your teacher if you need extra help. There is tutoring available in all subjects. Tutoring is available during lunch and after school as well as on Saturdays.

    How do I find out about activities on campus?
    Announcements are posted in the Blue Bulletin which is read daily in 2nd-period classes. It is also posted in each classroom.

    Can I use a cell phone on campus?
    Cell phones are permitted on campus; however, their use is limited to lunchtime, before and after school only. Cellphone Policy.

    What is the school mascot?
    The school mascot is a Viking.

    What are the school colors?
    The school colors are blue and gold.

    What is the school motto?
    Sincerity, Maturity, Honor, Services (SMHS)

    What is the school Alma Mater?
    "Hymn of Praise", by Ken Darby (Class of 1928)
    Oh Samohi, dear old Samohi,
    Queen of the setting sun,
    For you we toil,
    For you our banners fly,
    We win for you when victory's won
    All hail to thee, Mighty Samohi,
    Our Faith in the ne'er will fail,
    For the love that we give
    is they po'er to live,
    To thee, All Hail!

    What is the school address and phone number?
    Santa Monica High School
    601 Pico Boulevard
    Santa Monica, CA 90405

    Phone: (310) 395-3204
    FAX: (310) 395-5842

    School Code: 053320 (for SAT, ACT, and other testing)