About Samohi

  • Since 1891, Samohi has been an integral part of Santa Monica.  Our students have a one of a kind experience during their four years.  Samohi offers an abundance of strong and diverse curriculum, clubs, activities, and sports to support members of our Viking family.

    Each student that walks this campus brings to it his or her own personality, which creates the valued experience that so many embrace.  We have implemented social justice standards, while working toward becoming more culturally responsive in our teaching and learning.

    This diverse school community consists of over 2800 students, who speak a variety of languages, representing many countries and is always at the forefront of social justice issues.  The Samohi experience cannot be replicated.  Our students are academically successful, musically talented, athletically thriving and intellectually flourishing.

    It is our goal to ensure that all community members understand their role and responsibility in empowering all students with the creative, intellectual, and decision-making skills necessary for our Vikings to become academically, socially, physically, and emotionally successful and responsible contributing citizens.  We support our students by utilizing a House system that has one House Principal, two Advisors, a Teacher Leader and an administrative assistant. Each of our Houses consists of approximately 560 students.  It is our mission to have students actualize their passions through a variety of experiences. 

    Marae Cruce Principal
    Marae Cruce

    Senior Administrative Assistant
    Caroline Springer (310-395-3204, Ext: 71504)