Mathematics Department

  • A minimum of three years of mathematics is required for graduation from Santa Monica High School (30 units). A minimum of 1 year (10 units) must be taken in grades 10-12. However, students are encouraged to take as many math courses as they wish, while attending Samohi.

    Samohi’s college prep sequence includes the following; Algebra, Geometry, Algebra II (P & HP), and Pre-Calculus (P & HP). Successful completion of these courses prepares students for admission to the UC/CSU system as well as other universities. For those who want to continue their studies in mathematics, Samohi offers the following; Calculus A/B AP, Calculus B/C AP, Multivariable Calculus, Introduction to Data Science, and Statistics AP.

    Prior to enrollment transfer students whose previous mathematics course does not clearly communicate an equivalent math level may be asked to take a math placement test.