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    PBL Application 2023-24

    PBL Pathway: Project-Based Learning for students who solve through inquiry and learn by doing

    This program is part of a successful network of almost 200 project-based learning schools globally. Students engage in internships and multi-disciplinary projects based on their interests. They graduate with a Samohi diploma and real-world experience prepared to thrive in college and career. Students will:

    • Get an individualized, interest-based learning plan.
    • Learn academic content fully aligned to California state standards, through integrated and rigorous real-world projects.
    • Have ability to revise/improve/learn and receive personal feedback on progress.
    • Have professional industry internships to connect interests to fieldwork, and to build skills and a professional network.
    • Benefit from small class sizes (have their voices heard and maintain strong relationships with teacher advisors).
    • Include parents and community as valued partners.
    • Experience hands-on making in the Innovation Lab.
    • Participate with Samohi friends in sports, clubs, social events, art and theater course, languages and more!
    • Take SMC courses in high school and graduate with a Samohi diploma.
    • Are college and future ready!
  • PBLx Talks 2023

    Video: PBLxTalks 2023

    In this series of talks, students from the PBL Class of 2023 reflect and share thoughts about ideas and interests they have cultivated over the last 4 years.