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    • PBL is Project Based Learning
      Project Based Learning is a teaching method in which students learn by actively engaging in real-world and personally meaningful projects.

    • PBL is leaving the classroom to learn in the real-world
      individual student interest projects, real-world explorations & internships during school hours!

    • PBL is making connections across subjects
      learning through collaborations with peers, teachers, community organizations/experts linking their core subject classes: Math, Science, English, & Social Science

    • PBL is a sense of belonging and well-being
      advisory structure for social-emotional learning and relationship building

    • PBL is meaningful feedback:
      mastery-based assessment with opportunities to revise, improve, and learn through feedback

    • PBL is college bound
      distinguished pathway to college

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    PBL Pathway
    offers Project-Based Learning, where students explore through inquiry and learn by actively doing.

    Our PBL students participate in internships and engage in interdisciplinary projects aligned with their interests. Upon graduation, they receive a Samohi diploma alongside valuable real-world experience, equipping them to thrive in both college and career. Our PBL students also enjoy the following benefits:

    • small class sizes, ensuring their voices are heard and fostering strong relationships with teacher advisors
    • parent and community involvement in the learning journey as valued partners
    • hands-on making in the innovation studio (i-studio)
    • participation in Samohi sports, clubs, social events, art, theatre, languages, and more alongside their Samohi friends
    • taking Santa Monica College courses to deepen their knowledge in areas of interest


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  • PBL Brochure

  • PBL Brochure

In his final Presentation of Learning, Quillen Domingue, class of 2023, reflects on his educational journey in the PBL Pathway.