English 10

  • Course Description

    Students pursue a balanced, integrated literacy program of literature and language study. In literature, students develop strategies to construct meaning and interact thoughtfully with all genres of literature and nonfiction texts. Writing activities are extensions of experiences developed through reading literary and nonfiction works. Students will engage in a variety of expository and creative writing tasks which connect literature and their life experiences. Students will use writing process activities in a variety of genres including persuasive, expository, narrative, and literary analysis of texts. Students also receive instruction in the conventions of written language, effective oral communication, and research techniques.

    Guaranteed Curriculum

    10th Grade Reading Expectations:

    • Read widely and deeply for school and for personal growth through a variety of lenses.
          • All 10th grade students will read Macbeth and Born a Crime
          • All students will consistently engage in Free-Choice reading.
    • Read beneath the surface to unpack layers of meaning.
    • Research, evaluate, synthesize to deepen and share knowledge.

    10th Grade Writing Expectations:

    • Develop writing strategies for writing effectively for writing effectively for a variety of purposes and audiences. Work completed in class and/or taken through the writing process will include:
          • Narrative
          • Rhetorical Analysis 
          • Argument/Persuasion
          • Expository/Informative
          • Research
    • Articulate and exchange ideas effectively, persuasively, and empathetically.
    • Students will create and maintain a digital writing portfolio to showcase work.