Arts, Media, and Entertainment Sector (AME)

  • Of all the career industries, the Arts, Media, and Entertainment sector requires perhaps the greatest cross-disciplinary interaction because the work in this sector has a propensity to be largely project-based, requiring both independent work and interdependent management skills for career success.

    Learning the skills and knowledge for creating, refining, and sharing work in the Arts, Media, and Entertainment industry sector promotes teamwork, communication, creative thinking, and decision-making abilities - traits that are necessary to function successfully in the competitive and media-rich twenty-first century. Through the manipulation of sight, sound, and motion, those choosing a pathway from this sector reach out in unique ways to enhance the quality of life for those around them.

    SAMOHI hosts FOUR pathways in the AME Sector:

    Film, Video Production Pathway

    Graphic Design Pathway

    Photography Pathway

    Professional Dance and Choreography Pathway