SMMUSD Board of Education

  • Mission Statement
    Extraordinary achievement for all while simultaneously closing the achievement gap.

    Vision Statement
    As a community of learners, the Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District works together in a nurturing environment to help students be visionary, versatile thinkers; resourceful, life-long learners; effective, multilingual communicators and global citizens.  We are a rich, culturally diverse community that values the contributions of all its members and strives to promote social justice.  We exist to assist all students in their pursuit of academic achievement, strength of character, and personal growth, and to support them in their exploration of the intellectual, artistic, technological, physical and social expression.

    Contact the Board of Education at or their individual email addresses.

    Public Comments at Board of Education meetings:

    Meetings are generally held the first and third Thursday of each month starting at 5:30pm at either the SMMUSD offices located at 1717 4th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90401 or the Malibu City Hall located at 23825 Stuart Ranch Road  Malibu, CA 90265.
    Meeting agendas are posted online the Friday prior to the scheduled meeting.
    • The public may request to speak regarding an item that is scheduled for that meeting by submitting a “Request to Address” card (commonly known as a 'chit') prior to discussion of that item.
    • The public may also request to speak on general topics (items that are not scheduled on that meeting’s agenda) during the Public Comment segment of the meeting.  This is generally held earlier in the meeting. To speak during the Public Comments section, you must submit a "Request to Address" card at the beginning of the meeting.
    "Request to Address" cards, printed in both Spanish and English, are located with meeting materials just outside the board meeting room. Completed cards should be submitted to the Recording Secretary sitting next to the Superintendent (this is usually Sarah Wahrenbrock, Assistant to the Superintendent).
    Public comments at board meetings, both to agenda items & general topics, are generally limited to 2-3 minutes in length, depending on how many members of the public wish to speak at the meeting.

    Board of Education Member's Terms

    Jon Kean, December 2024
    Maria Leon-Vazquez, December 2024
    Laurie Lieberman, December 2026
    Alicia Mignano, December 2026
    Stacy Rouse, December 2026
    Jennifer Smith, December 2024
    Dr. Richard Tahvildaran-Jesswein, December 2026

    Thomas Drummond, Malibu High School, June 2024
    Mira Wagabaza, Santa Monica High School, June 2024
    TBA, Olympic High School, June 2024

    Dr. Antonio Shelton, Superintendent & Secretary of the Board of Education