Welcome to the Purchasing Department

    • The Purchasing Department is committed to supporting the goals and values of the District by:
    • Providing the highest level of professional service to our customers.
    • Obtaining goods and services in the most cost-effective and fiscally responsible manner possible.
    • Keeping the District compliant with all purchasing laws, guidelines and established policies.
    • Encouraging competition among vendors through competitive bidding and fair negotiation.
    • Maintaining a professional relationship with all vendors.
    • Being ethical in all procurement functions.
    • Continually educating our customers on procurement practices and laws.
    • Being receptive to new ideas and concepts.
    • Providing continuous training to our customers.
    • Listening to our customers and their customers.


    The goal of the Purchasing Department is to assist the District’s overall educational process at all times, understand all conditions, and to ensure a constant supply of goods and services necessary to support all school sites and departments by providing the following practices:

    • Dedication to excellence and high ethical standards.
    • Provide process and training which promotes compliance with applicable policies, procedures and regulations.
    • Provide efficient, value-added services that maximize district resources.
    • Promote effective communication integration with all departments to increase efficiency and productivity.
    • Strengthen research capability by reaching out to other school districts and cities.
    • Implement sustainable strategies that fall under Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District policies.


    • Conduct purchasing transactions in accordance with established Board of Education policies and consistent with all local, state, and federal laws.
    • Conduct competitive bidding by means of advertised bids, written quotations, and oral price quotations in compliance with Board Policy, Administrative Regulations and/or State and Federal laws.
    • Submit listings of all purchase orders written for ratification and/or approval by the Board of Education.
    • Conduct, supervise, and coordinate all purchase transactions for the schools and operating departments of the District from those sources able to offer the best prices consistent with quality, delivery, and service.
    • Maintain sound business management principles and efficient office procedures, reports, records, and systems for the proper conduct of the department.
    • Act as a center of information on sources for services, equipment, and supplies used by the District.
    • Establish a purchasing calendar to consolidate the ordering of seasonal items and seek price benefits through proper timing and quantity of purchasing.
    • Ensure that all orders are placed on the basis of quality, price, and delivery with no favoritism extended to any vendor.
    • Maintains a Fixed Asset Inventory and disposition of obsolete and surplus equipment.
    • Oversees the District Print Shop which provides outstanding reproduction services.
    • Directs the operations of the District Mail Room, which provides pick-up, sorting, and delivery of all US Postal Service mail and Inter-district mail and materials to the district offices and school sites.

    Mission Statement

    The mission of Santa Monica-Malibu Unified School District Purchasing Department is to provide the highest quality of products and services at the best value, in a timely and efficient manner, to support and guide all schools and departments and to create a supportive environment for student achievement.