Welcome to Human Resources

  • The SMMUSD Human Resources department welcomes all of you.

    If you are currently seeking employment with our school district or are already employed by us, this is the place to start. We are constantly seeking talented staff members who may qualify for employment in either the certificated or classified categories.

    This site is filled with a wide variety of useful information and was created to provide the highest level of support for you, our valued current and future staff members. Our students succeed because of the wonderful work that you do every day. Our goal with this site is consistent with our Board of Education’s vision to provide support to our staff who, “exist to prepare all students in their pursuit of academic achievement and personal health and to support and encourage them in their development of intellectual, artistic, technological, physical, and social expression.”

    Continued success towards that end!


    Students: 8,650   
    Staff: 1,300 (certificated & classified)    
    Schools: Nine elementary schools (including one dual immersion school), 3 middle schools, 2 comprehensive high schools, 1 continuation high school, 1 K-8 alternative school, a high school project-based learning pathway, 1 adult school and 11 early childhood centers.