Professional Dance / Choreography Pathway

    Professional Dance 1 (“Introduction to Dance / Choreography”)

    This course explores the variety of career pathways available in dance. It introduces dance technique, choreography. Students will explore the variety of dance genre (modern, jazz, ballet, tap, and contemporary). Students gain an appreciation of dance as an art form and develop the skills necessary to pursue a variety of careers in dance. The course includes application of the elements and principles of dance, study of historical and contemporary dance, and exploration of the art form from a careers perspective.

    Professional Dance 2 (“Intermediate Dance / Choreography”)

    This course will refine dance and choreographic skills and introduce production elements (i.e., staging, lighting, and sound) and company organization and management in professional dance careers.

    Professional Dance 3 (“Advanced Dance / Choreography”)

    This course will apply dance and choreographic skills to create project based performances for live, film and video production. Students will prepare audition or choreographic portfolios, learn business/managerial skills, and develop a professional career plan.

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