Bus Safety Rules

  • Bus Safety Rules as posted in each and every schoolbus:

    1. All students are to remain seated at all times, and must use their seatbelt.
    2. No loud conversation.
    3. No singing.
    4. No rough conduct. No calling or whistling to people from the bus.
    5. Keep all objects and all parts of the body inside of the bus. Keep feet on the floor.
    6. No unnecessary noises.
    7. No profanity.
    8. No eating, drinking, or chewing gum.
    9. Pupils are not allowed on bus wearing athletic footwear with cleats or spikes.
    10. A teacher or coach must accompany each group of pupil on any curricular trip.
    11. No smoking.
    12. Students may not get off or on the bus at any stop other than their own.
    13. Bus Passes are required to be shown on every regular Malibu bus route.
    14. All buses will eventually be equipped with video surveillance systems to ensure student safety.