Special Education District Advisory Committee (SEDAC)

  • The charge of the Special Education Care District Advisory Committee shall be to:

    1. Advise the Board of Education about attitudes, opinions and issues significant to the Special Education community
    2. Hold monthly meetings open to the public and provide Spanish translation when needed
    3. Act as a conduit for flow of information between the Special Education community at large and the Board of Education.
    4. Continue to bring parent’s questions and concerns to the BOE regarding curriculum and programs in math, literacy, reading and autism.
    5. Provide a forum for District staff and other speakers to share information relevant to the Special Education community
    6. To enhance District-wide outreach to Special Education parents, continue the practice of rotating meeting locations to include school sites
    7. To address topical concerns utilizing subcommittees, either Ad Hoc and/or Standing Committees, as defined by the Brown Act.
    8. Continue to review the Special Education budget with the District’s Chief Financial Officer utilizing CFO’s recently created Special Education specific reporting format

    Charges for 2019-20 school year:

    Technology Charge: Develop an understanding of the District's Assistive Technology goals for universal design for learning and the provision of individualized supports through assessment, in collaboration with the Special Education Administrative Team and Assistive Technologist. Provide input from a parental perspective into SMMUSD's Assistive Technology Plan.

    Programming Charge: Develop an understanding of research-based practices applied in Special Education in SMMUSD and provide parental perspective and input into the District's Special Education Departmental goals that are focused on closing the achievement and opportunity gap.

    Communication Plan Charge: Develop set of recommendations on a more effective communication plan for families of students with special needs (IEPs) in collaboration with special education leadership. Recommendations should specifically address communication timelines and forums for sharing key components.